Appiah and Congo: culture, identity and integrity

In 2000, Kwame Anthony Appiah wrote a book review of Richard Grinker’s “In the Arms of Africa:The Life of Colin M. Turnbull” for the New York Book Review. The review summarizes and evaluates Grinker’s biography of the life of the famous anthropologist Colin Turnbull, who wrote one of the most famous and well known anthropological studies of the 1960s, … Continue reading Appiah and Congo: culture, identity and integrity

Uranium in DRC

Uranium was discovered accidentally in Congo in 1915 in the southern province of Katanga. The town that is most associated with Uranium in DRC is Shikolobwe, with about 15,000 inhabitants. Uranium was subsequently exploited under the infamously cruel working conditions of the Belgian Congo and Uranium form that source was used for the Manhatten Project and for the … Continue reading Uranium in DRC

Sustainable development

(DRC Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism, H E José Endundo Bononge – Interview) In September 2013, President Joseph Kabila of DRC,  addressed the general assembly, emphasizing the DRC’s interest in pushing for sustainable development initiatives in support of economic grown and social justice in the DRC. While he thanked the UN and the European … Continue reading Sustainable development


The DRC has been called “rape central.” The number of women raped and otherwise sexually tortured is unimaginable. A 2009 report records 200,000 surviving rape victims in DRC, some speak of as many as 1000 victims a day. The victimization of women in the DRC is a huge problem that is a direct result of the … Continue reading Gender